OTHERLANDS: A Global Music Exploration

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Well, I quit my job, and we took our 10yr old daughter out of school. We shipped our lapdog pitbull to a friend in the US and our giant hairy cats to my sister in L.A. Most of the things we own are on boat somewhere in the Atlantic on their way to a storage unit. I gave away more than 50 plants, AND we cleaned out the fridge—including all condiments. I guess there’s just one thing left to do…

Explore, create, & soul-search...and homeschool.

Many years ago, I had an idea for a multimedia collaborative/music/travel project, and now feels like the perfect time to give it a try. I present to you:

OTHERLANDS: A Global Music Exploration

Over the next 9 months, I will travel with my family to various countries across the globe, meeting with local acoustic-based musicians with roots in their own traditions. Along the way, I’ll be documenting musical exchanges and the creative process as well as sharing photos and videos of our explorations of local culture through art, architecture, and entertainment.

OTHERLANDS is an artistic endeavour and the intention is to create a multi-episode audio and video project with both real-time and post-produced releases. Having never undertaken something quite like this before, I’m not completely sure how it will unfold. I know I’ll be learning a bit as I go, but I’m up for the challenge, the potential, and am extremely excited to see how the intersection of music, culture, and family develops and enriches our lives. [Follow along here!]



  • Sep. / Oct. (2019): Spain

  • Oct. / Nov. (2019): Ireland

  • Nov. / Dec. (2019): Scotland

  • Jan. / Feb. (2020): India

  • Feb. / Mar. (2020): Japan

  • Mar. / Apr. (2020): Finland & Estonia

  • Apr. / May (2020): Norway & Sweden

In order to integrate OTHERLANDS with our family adventure, I needed to make sure everything could be done in-house. With the exception of a couple of mic stands, I am entirely self-contained with a small collection of audio and video equipment (gear posts pending). And, I am prepared to manage the setup, engineering, and recording—including any post-production—on my own, wherever on the globe we might be. That said, part of homeschool will include my daughter learning how to help with the tech :-)

You’re invited to follow along via the OTHERLANDS webpage and/or the social media(s) of your choice (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube).

As always, thanks for the support, and

Travel safe where ever your road leads!