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about the project

Otherlands: A Global Music Exploration follows GRAMMY nominated 5-string American fiddler Casey Driessen as he travels with his family to various countries across the globe to meet with local acoustic-based musicians with roots in their own traditions. Musical and cultural exchanges are documented via audio, video and photography elements with collected materials released over the course of the project.

As collaborations take place and travels unfold, videos, photos, and blogs will be available below. For the most up-to-date activity, please be sure follow on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, and you’re always invited to sign up for the email list.


Sep. / Oct. (2019): Spain • Oct. / Nov. (2019): Ireland • Nov. / Dec. (2019): Scotland • Jan. / Feb. (2020): India • Feb. / Mar. (2020): Japan • Mar. / Apr. (2020): Finland & Estonia • Apr. / May (2020): Norway & Sweden


Regular posts from Otherlands travels will be available on Instagram. Collections of photos from specific trips or countries will be shared on Facebook.


Collaboration Videos

As the project develops, videos from musical collaborations and interactions will be shared on the Otherlands playlist below, on YouTube, and via Instagram.

Otherlands Blog


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