New Travels = New Project...

One bag for clothes, one case for A/V gear, one backpack for day trips & quick access, one case for a 5-string fiddle, and one pair of red shoes to rule them all.

After 4.5 years of living with my family in Valencia (Spain), we have decided to move on. It’s been an amazing and unforgettable chapter in our lives, and we are setting out for a new adventure. My daughter is now 10, and we will worldschool her as we travel around various countries for the next 9 months before returning to the south eastern US next summer.

As we travel, I’ll be embarking on a new music collaboration project called Otherlands: A Global Music Exploration. I have ideas about how it will, or could, take shape, but I won’t really know until this adventure begins to unfold. I’ll be sharing this project as I go and would love to take you along with me. 

Stay tuned for an official Otherlands announcement with more details. Until then, please take a quick moment to Like/Subscribe/Follow the social media(s) of your choice below and sign up for my email list.

Signing off from Granada, Span,